Working From Home

Fellow bloggers and readers, I wanted to touch base with you on a project dear to my heart. Mama's, Wives, Ladies, Ministry Worker's, ETC. who also work from home as a writer, an AVON lady, Mary Kay, or whatever they choose to sell. I am a Norwex consultant! YAY!! I LOVE Norwex and it has … Continue reading Working From Home


Becoming Mama Devotional January 5th

January 5th You are a daughter of the King! Your worth comes from the sacrifice of Jesus. Think about that. You are worth so much to God that He sent His Son, His Child, His own creation, part of Himself, to you as a gift. Not only that but He then created an avenue for … Continue reading Becoming Mama Devotional January 5th


This past year God told me and just about everyone else that I had something to say. He kept telling people to come tell me to speak. Over and over again and in the least likely places, God sent this message. I knew what it meant. He laid it on my heart but I was … Continue reading Goals!